$1 for One .  Support the extraordinary work of Panthera by purchasing a SpeeZees Indochinese Tiger t-shirt in  Ladybug  or  Natural .  Made from  100% GOTS certified organic cotton .

$1 for One.  Support the extraordinary work of Panthera by purchasing a SpeeZees Indochinese Tiger t-shirt in Ladybug or Natural.  Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Scientific Name:  Panthera tigris corbetti
IUCN Status: Endangered
Population estimate: Less than 300

Region:  Most individual Indochinese Tigers (around 100) live in Thailand along with Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and southwestern China.
Habitat:  The Indochinese Tiger is found mostly in secluded lowland and highland tropical deciduous, semi-evergreen and evergreen forests in hilly to mountainous terrain, largely along the borders between countries.
Greatest threats to its continuation:  All populations of Indochinese Tiger are at extreme risk from poaching, prey depletion due to poaching of deer and wild pigs, habitat fragmentation and inbreeding.  Rapid development and deforestation is fragmenting habitats and forcing these tigers into scattered, small refuges.

Indochinese Tiger, courtesy of Connie Lemperle

Did you know?

The Indochinese tiger, or “Corbett’s tiger,” was named after the British hunter - turned conservationist - Jim Corbett.

Indochinese Tigers live in remote forests much of which lies along the borders between countries.  Access to these areas is often restricted, and biologists have only recently been granted limited permits for field surveys.  As a result, relatively little is known about the status of these tigers in the wild.

The Indochinese tiger is disappearing faster than any other tiger sub-species with at least one tiger being killed each week by poachers.  

This majestic species is often hunted for its fur and other body parts that are used in Asian medicines. In Vietnam, nearly three-quarters of poached tigers are used to provide stock for Chinese pharmacies.

Because the Indochinese Tiger is segregated by human population, it is suffering from inbreeding with adverse genetic short and long term consequences.

If protected, the Indochinese Tiger lives between 15 to 26 years. 

$1 for One.  $1 from every SpeeZees Indochinese Tiger tee supports: Panthera
Panthera is leading tiger conservation efforts with two major initiatives: Tigers Forever and the Tiger Corridor Initiative. Through these programs, Panthera is working to protect and secure key tiger populations, and ensure connectivity between sites so that tigers can live long into the future.


Panthera is working around the world to combat this key threat of poaching. We work with numerous partners to stop poachers in their tracks by helping to train, outfit, and incentivize park rangers – the watch guards of the forests who are patrolling dangerous landscapes to protect big cats and other wildlife that share their homes. This month, Panthera is working to raise $100,000 to support efforts to help stop the war on wildlife. Join Panthera, stand with the rangers, and protect wildlife by donating to Panthera’s Anti-Poaching Campaign. http://www.panthera.org/antipoaching

Despite the armies of cameramen and camerawomen that have come to South East and South Asia to film tigers in the wild, there is one event that has eluded almost all of them: documenting a tiger kill has proved almost impossible.  Simon King has filmed Africa's big cats for 20 years, but he has never seen a wild tiger. With so few remaining wild tigers, documenting a tiger making a kill is becoming harder. In this BBC Natural World documentary Simon seeks the help of tiger expert Alphonse Roy, who has spent 17 years in the Indian jungle.

'Tiger Island' is a BBC Natural World documentary following Panthera's CEO and tiger expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, as he investigates a controversial project to rehabilitate and release conflict tigers in Sumatra. Travel with Dr. Rabinowitz as he visits a 'sanctuary' for conflict tigers in southern Sumatra and learn what he discovers while monitoring tigers released back into the wild.

SpeeZees Indochinese Tiger kids tee in  Ladybug .    $1 for One.     $1 from every SpeeZees tee supports:  Panthera .  

SpeeZees Indochinese Tiger kids tee in Ladybug.   $1 for One.  $1 from every SpeeZees tee supports: Panthera.