About SpeeZees

SpeeZees is all about bringing attention to species we love, one t-shirt at a time.

With every beautiful, super soft, fairly traded and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton SpeeZees kids tee you purchase, SpeeZees will donate $1 to support a conservation organization working to preserve and restore that t-shirt's species.  $1 for One.® 

Please check out the 1st SpeeZees Collection, where 10 species-at-risk spanning the globe - from the Amsterdam Albatross to the Cape Mountain Zebra - are honoured and celebrated. 

Kids LOVE these fun and meaningful tees, currently available in sizes 2, 4 and 6.  And for the wee ones and the big kids, Baby and Youth categories will be available soon.

Did you know that species across our planet are disappearing at a rate up to 1500 times what is considered 'normal' today?

We had no idea either. 

About three years ago, our then pre-school aged daughter came up what we thought was a pretty brilliant idea: to help save threatened and endangered animals around the globe through kids t-shirts (you can learn more about her story by checking out this feature on Earth Rangers).  Et voilà!  SpeeZees was born.

While SpeeZees started off innocently enough, as we've moved forward with this idea it has been incredibly overwhelming - devastating at times - to go down the rabbit hole of discovery to uncover where this beautiful home we call Earth is presently at.  We've learned that we are in the midst of the greatest biodiversity crisis the world has ever seen.  The rate of extinction today (the anthropocene, the period during which human activity has been been the dominant influence on climate and the environment) is the highest in the history of our planet.

While the challenges our world, its ecosystems and its many diverse species are facing today are immense, there is, very hopefully, an increasingly conscious global movement for change is taking place.  Like nature itself, this 'movement' - in all its diverse forms and manifestations - is organizing from the bottom up and is emerging to be an extraordinarily positive, dynamic and co-creative expression of humanity reimagining our relationship to the environment, to our planet's beautiful, awe-inspiring diversity of species, and, perhaps most foundationally, to one another human to human.

Through the creation of SpeeZees, we want to celebrate not only the work being done to make the world a place where species can survive (with the possibilities to one day thrive), we also want to celebrate children, their inherent and unadulterated connection with nature, and their fascination for creatures large and small.  Together we want to share and celebrate with them a few snapshots of all is that is hopeful and good in this world.