SpeeZees was created in 2014, conceived of by a little girl named Nadia, then a child of 4.  She was sitting down one morning eating Gorilla Munch (a cereal brand in Canada that donates a percentage of its sales to gorilla conservation work) and after asking her mom to read the box explaining why these gorillas needed help, Nadia wondered whether they could do something similar.  She came up with the idea of sharing the news of species at risk, of bringing attention to threatened and endangered animals around the globe through kids t-shirts.  

You can learn more about her story in this article by Earth Rangers

This current SpeeZees tees collection highlights, honours and celebrates 10 species-at-risk spanning the globe - from the Amsterdam Albatross to the Cape Mountain Zebra.  With every beautiful organic cotton SpeeZees kids tee you purchase, SpeeZees donates $1 - $1 for One.® - to support a uniquely positioned conservation organization working to preserve and restore that t-shirt's species. 

Through the creation of SpeeZees, we want to celebrate not only the work being done to make the world a place where species can survive, with the possibilities to one day thrive, we also want to celebrate children, their inherent connection with nature and their fascination for creatures large and small.  And together we want to share and celebrate with them a few snapshots of what is hopeful and good in this world.  

Kids LOVE these fun, meaningful and super soft tees, currently available in sizes 2, 4 and 6.  And for the really wee ones, the big kids and the really big kids, Baby, Youth and Adult categories are in the works and will be available soon!